How to Make the Most of Summer in Cayman

What comes to mind when you think about summer? The long days filled with sunshine? Afternoons around the barbeque with family and friends at Plantana Memories of a childhood summer vacation?

Well, in Cayman, summer (and frankly everyday) is all about enjoying a slower pace of life and taking the time to truly appreciate the small moments that make life so special (some call it living on “Cayman Time”). In order to help you truly live-like-a-local during your vacation, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite ways to make the most of the summer months in Cayman.

Drive out to the east side of the island

While it might be tempting to stay in your Plantana Condo along the beautiful Seven Mile Beach for the entirety of your trip, you must take a day trip out to the east side of the island. Here you will find the true spirit of island life: returning to nature and taking time to soak up everything around you. You can enjoy a lazy lunch at one of the beautiful beach bars, take the opportunity to wander through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park or visit Pedro St. James’ Castle and learn about Cayman’s history. Both currently offer a 20% off discount until August 30th.

Learn about Cayman’s heritage

We are incredibly proud of everything that makes our piece of paradise unique. Get chatting to any local and they will tell you all about their favorite memories of the island and why they love living here. For a full history, be sure to visit the Cayman Islands National Museum and learn the story of our islands and the people who shaped it. Once you are done there, wonder around George Town and discover how the old and the new have been blended together to form Cayman today.  

Snorkel or dive in crystal clear waters

Love snorkelling? Why not take a closer peak at Cayman’s underwater world by taking a half day boat trip to snorkel at Stingray City or the Kittiwake. For the more adventurous souls, take a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) course and explore the sea life and coral reefs up-close. With more than 365 dive sites Cayman has plenty for you to discover!

Pamper yourself at the spa

After a day (or two) out in the sun, your body will be grateful for a little bit of pampering. You can choose anything from a pedicure to a full body massage. The point is to listen to your body and see what it needs in that moment, in order to help you truly relax.

We’ve made it easier for you by putting together a list of some of the best spas on island in our blog Places to pamper yourself in the Cayman Islands.  

Try a new restaurant

It’s no surprise that Cayman is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean! The local culinary scene is unmatched and will take your taste buds on an international tour. Whether you want to savor Caribbean flavors, Italian delicacies or fresh sushi, you are sure to find something that hits the spot almost any time of day. Want some insight into Cayman’s famous brunches which is an ideal leisure activity? Don’t worry. Check out our previous blog post for a list of Cayman’s best brunches. We’ve put together a list of brunch spots in Cayman, perfect for every price point or click here to read more about some of the best restaurants on island which you can browse by name, cuisine or location.

Purchase local ingredients and cook up a storm

Take advantage of the popular weekly farmer’s market at Camana Bay and pick up some local ingredients to help inspire your own cooking. Held every Wednesday from 10am to 3pm, you’ll be able to chat with local vendors and get their recommendations on how to best prepare and execute delicious dishes. From fresh coconut water to callaloo, you’ll find everything you need to serve up a rich Caribbean-inspired meal.  

For seafood lovers, you can head to the local fish market in George Town. Select your fish and take it to the restaurant next door where they can prepare it for you to enjoy. Doesn’t get much fresher than this!

If you wish to have a more guided cooking experience, why not indulge in one of Bon Vivant’s cooking classes to get step by step instruction on how to create a memorable meal?  You get to enjoy a glass of wine with the meal you cooked yourself while meeting locals, learning and having fun. Keep an eye out for the kid’s baking classes if you want to get the little ones out of the sun for a few hours!

Enjoy the simple things

When planning a vacation, there tends to be a focus on going on adventures and doing something new every day.

But sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to just take time to forget the master plan and enjoy each day as it comes; whether this is enjoying a book by our gorgeous pool, soaking in some vitamin SEA with a fresh local mango, or building sandcastles on the beach.

No matter how you spend your summer in Cayman, by staying with us at Plantana it is our goal to make sure you create unforgettable memories.