Guide to Plantana’s Gardens

At Plantana, one of the many things that distinguishes us from the rest is our incredibly manicured and well-taken care of gardens. No matter where you turn on property, you are met with lush garden landscapes that are part of the perfect recipe for relaxation – each and every corner of Plantana is blooming. Our landscapers use great attention to detail to create the ultimate tropical feel. Plants traditionally grown all over Grand Cayman are rightfully and meticulously placed throughout the property.

As you enter Plantana, you are greeted by gorgeous Ixora plants, known for their delicate red flowers. The Areca palm lines many walkways with their leaves floating in the breeze. Dipping away into the gardens on the eastern side of the property, you will be lucky enough to get a sight of Cayman’s national flower – the wild banana orchid. Most of our Garden View units have a perfect view of these rare and gorgeous flowers. There is no lack of green space, which leads you right out onto the pristine stretch of Seven Mile Beach that Plantana is known for. Bougainvillea plants are strategically placed for just the right amount of color. Taking your eyes away from the buildings that contrast perfectly against the greenery, you look towards the ocean and see our famous Sea Grape tree, waiting to give you all the shade you need from the hot sun. Scattered throughout are the whimsical Trinette plants, characterized for their green and yellow leaves that look painted by watercolor. In between the units, you will find ground cover that may be home to little critters – be sure to say hello!

Did you know the great majority of plants at Plantana are actually salt-resistant to protect them from damage during storms from sea water? Saltwater can be very harsh on the natural and built environment around the island and having salt-resistant plants helps to keep everything looking as beautiful as possible, all year round.

The detail is not only found in the plant species used, but also in the techniques used to care for them. While some species warrant a more aggressive trim, other species require hand trimming and a true professional to know the difference. You will notice that in some areas, the bushes are terraced to create definition and a unique feature.

Plantana’s staff, owners, and guests alike all take pride in the landscaping and the unique detail it brings to the property. Plantana has become synonymous with natural beauty, and we intend to keep it that way.

What is your favorite plant or area on the grounds of Plantana? Come and visit us soon to see for yourself.