A few tips for making your family vacation less stressful.

Family vacations are a great time to bond and catch-up after a year of long days and late nights but it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Follow these family vacation tips to find yourself able to enjoy all that Plantana and Grand Cayman have to offer.

  1. Plan out your vacation together as a family

Before your vacation, ensure that everyone involved has something to look forward to. Involving the family in the planning process allows everyone to be heard and shows them that you want them to enjoy their time just as much as you do. We know not everyone will always agree on each activity – but you can agree that a return to Plantana is in your near future!

  • Give yourself extra time for travel

When scheduling your activities, make sure that you give yourself enough time to get where you need to go. Grand Cayman runs on island time – and so should you! Having this cushion will allow everyone to enjoy themselves and live in the moment rather than rushing to that 6 o’clock dinner reservation. Take time to snap pictures and share memories along the way.

  • Schedule time to soak it all in

Travel in general can be exhausting. Don’t forget to schedule in some downtime so that everyone can revel in your time away together. Wrap up in one of our bright yellow towels and head down to the iconic Plantana slice of Seven Mile Beach. Dip your toes in the ocean, listen to the breeze, and get some shade under our sea grape tree (see previous blog post on the tree’s big history!)

  • Have some “me” time

Make sure you take some time to trade off childcare responsibilities or enroll the little ones at a local kid’s camp (last week’s blog post details a few great kid’s camp options). While the kids enjoy some time around peers or just hanging out with Grandma for a few hours, take your time to visit a local spa or take a serene beach walk, absorbing all the natural beauty around you.

When you come to Plantana, the family-friendly environment will make you feel welcome at every turn. Follow these summer vacation tips and we promise that this year’s family vacation will be the best one yet.  You deserve it!