A Perfect Week in Grand Cayman

Plantana Cayman Islands Seven Mile Beach Vacation Rental - Blog Post - A Perfect Week at Plantana

Is your first trip to Plantana coming up soon? Have you been staying with us for 15+ years but looking for a new routine? Look no further! Read on as we break down a perfect 7-day trip to Grand Cayman staying on the best stretch of Seven Mile Beach at Plantana Condominiums.

Day 1:

You fly into Grand Cayman on a warm, sunny afternoon and make the 15-minute journey to Plantana. Driving through the entrance you already feel more relaxed but learn that your unit is not quite ready for your arrival. You get changed into shorts and sandals and leave your luggage to be stored by the Plantana team. Hop into a taxi and head to Morgan’s for lunch to really get your mind in the vacation mood. A glass of wine and fresh seafood by the water – can it get any better than this? Your unit is now ready, you’re handed the keys, and it’s time to unwind. After a long day, all you want is some Ragazzi delivered straight to the door for an early dinner. Pizza, pasta, or both? Turn off the lights, tuck in, and remember the view you’re going to wake up to.

Day 2:

No alarm set, so you wake up a little later than usual. When is the last time you slept in until 9:30am?! Your groceries were already delivered yesterday by Hurley’s, so you get up and make breakfast for the family. A slow morning turns into an afternoon by the pool, snoozing between planning the rest of your trip. Lunch is served on the beach, toes in the sand, with your mini cooler filled with your favorite beverages. Once the sun starts to set, it’s time to get ready for your first night out – dinner at Grand Old House. Nothing can beat the mix of good food, good wine, and great service right on the ocean.

Day 3:

Time to ease into the adventure! In the morning, you walk down to the Westin and enjoy a small breakfast and coffee or fresh juice to get the day started. You visit the Red Sail Sports location at the hotel and rent jetskis, banana boats, and snorkel gear. After two hours of watersports activities, it’s time to walk back to Plantana, dry off, then head across the street to Governor’s Square for lunch. The family splits between who wants Seven Mile Burger or Seven Mile Greens and you eat lunch back on the beach. Life is good! With your freshly suntanned faces, you’re in for a more casual dinner tonight, so you head over to Pepper’s for local food and music.

Day 4:

This is the day you chose to have Hertz deliver a rental car to do some island exploring! The now unfamiliar alarm clock gets your day off to an early start and, coffee in hand, you hit the road. You knew in advance not to do this on a Sunday so you could have access to all the fun shops and stops along the way. Following our perfect road trip blog post, you have a day that can’t be forgotten. All that’s left to do is pop on a movie in the living room and doze off in 3, 2, 1…

Day 5:

Sundays in the Cayman Islands are truly one of a kind. Today, it’s time for brunch! While the majority of stores are closed, the restaurant scene is bustling with unique menus, fun cocktails, and fellow brunch-goers dressed in their Sunday best. Throw on that button up and a pair of wedges and make your way over to Anchor and Den at the Marriott. Their sprawling brunch has something for every taste – an omelet station, sushi station, meats and cheeses, hot breakfast items, carvery, and of course the free-flowing prosecco! Enjoy the food and the company while you make new laughing memories with your loved ones. Back to Plantana you go with a full belly, ready for a nap on an empty beach lounger. By the time the sun sets, you’re ready for round two. A quick taxi ride brings you to Ms. Piper’s, the perfect spot for some post-brunch grub. Their menu allows you to eat as little or as much as you can fit (don’t forget to order the croquetas!), but their relaxed garden atmosphere and incredibly flavorful food will leave you wanting for nothing.

Day 6:

It’s time for another adventurous day! The trip is coming to a close, but the fun sure isn’t. A private charter boat is on the schedule for today. If you’re into fishing, you’re with Get Bent Charters; if diving is more your style, you’d have called Living the Dream Divers; if you’re up for a sailing trip, you’ll be with Blue Sky Sailing; and if relaxing and visiting a few snorkel spots is more your style, you’re on a gorgeous yacht with Cayman Luxury Charters. A full day charter is certainly worth the investment and experience, so be sure to plan a fun lunch in the day! At Kaibo, you can park the boat right on premises and enjoy a cold mudslide and coconut curry fried fish (our personal favorites!). The fun doesn’t have to stop there, though. Dinner tonight is at Calypso Grill and you won’t be disappointed! Whether you’re in the mood for meat or seafood, the menu at Calypso Grill is truly one of a kind.

Day 7:

Another slow morning after a busy day yesterday… breakfast on the screened lanai enjoying the breeze and warm sunshine is exactly what the doctor ordered. Today is your last full day on island so you take full advantage of the Plantana property and lounge between the soft sand of Seven Mile Beach and the warm simplicity of the pool deck. A lunchtime break from the sun under an umbrella and a mid-afternoon beach nap have you feeling so at ease you wish the trip would never come to an end. In between sun sessions you start to pack yourself up, all in an attempt to avoid a mad rush to the airport tomorrow! You rebook your trip to Plantana for the same time next year, and the countdown restarts…


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