The Magic of Christmas in Cayman

Traditionally, there are dreams of a white Christmas… songs, movies, and television show us gorgeous snowy backdrops, lit evergreen trees, and families bundled by the fire, drinking eggnog. Here in Cayman, we have a different kind of white Christmas – expansive white sandy beach views, lit palm trees and bougainvillea bushes, and families enjoying the “Christmas breeze” on their docks, drinking sorrel with rum! Don’t be surprised if you catch Santa Clause in shorts and flip flops!

If you didn’t already know, we take Christmas seriously in Cayman. Christmas lights and decorations are at every street corner, and some of the residential areas could compete with award-winning light shows. There are homes that open their front yards to the public so everyone can enjoy the grandeur and Christmas spirit. There are even life-size gingerbread houses in two of the hotels on island and a holiday theme on almost every menu in town! We cannot boast frosty evenings or snowflakes in the air, but Cayman is the place to be for Christmas when the holiday spirit and quality time with family is at the top of your wish list. Hundreds of families that flock to our shores every year for this season can certainly agree.

Here at Plantana, we want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season, filled with joy, memories, and reflection! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!