Local Products, Produce, and Everything in Between

Although the Cayman Islands are known for their incredible beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing diving conditions as well as a warm “Caymankind” welcome by the locals sometimes the craftsmanship and local heritage gets left behind. Almost everything gets imported, so there is never a lack of food and goods – but what about the locally made items? Cayman produces some of the most incredible products that deserve a little recognition. Read on to find out more about some of our favorites!

Locally Distilled Spirits and Brews

Seven Fathoms Rum starts as organically grown East End sugarcane and is aged underwater in American white oak bourbon casks at seven fathoms deep (also known as 42 feet!) This premium, full-bodied rum is worth a shot!

Gun Bay Vodka is named after a historic shipwreck and monument that still remains in East End today. The filtered vodka is sifted through coconut shells, leaving an incredibly delicious end product, sure to be a favorite of your friends back home!

The Cayman Islands Brewery produces 15 different beers, all unique and tasty beyond measure. Caybrew is a local favorite and needs no introduction – it was the first product for CIB, launching in 2007. White Tip is another popular option, best served with a freshly squeezed lime! Some of their newer offerings, including Mango Tango, Shell Shock IPA, and Freestyle can all be found in your favorite local bar.

Pepper Patch Gourmet Pepper Jelly

If you want to taste one of the most indescribable flavors… try some Pepper Patch Pepper Jelly. This stuff is H-O-T, but in the best way possible. Made from scratch in Carol Hay’s home kitchen, the 16-ingredient pepper jelly will have you craving for more. Best served on a cracker over cream cheese (a Caribbean favorite!)

Cayman Sea Salt

The Cayman Sea Salt farm located in Breakers, Grand Cayman is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. As much as possible, they try to operate as a waste-free environment, using recycled materials and solar evaporation. Cayman Sea Salt is 100% hand harvested and produced, and is absolutely as delicious as it sounds.

Local Handmade Soaps and Body Products

Beach Bubbles is an artisan bath and body shop, producing all items on island. Inspired by the island surroundings, these products are just as pleasing to our eyes as they are to our noses! Fun Fact: These soaps are the Plantana departure gift that all our guests receive before their departure!

Cayman Scents has been around since 1999, creating all the scented goodness we never knew we needed! They even make their own candles and diffusers. Check out their shop along Seven Mile Beach to choose your favorite.

Cayman Hot Sauce

New to the scene is Tomfoodery Kitchen, founded by local chef Thomas Tennant. He has created a line of “fiyah” hot sauces that has something for everyone. Popular flavors include “Coco Fiyah” – loaded with coconut and scotch bonnet – and my personal favorite, “Plantain on de Side.” This sweet yet savory hot sauce packs a bunch with its underlying hint of ripe sweet plantains. We give it a ten out of ten!

Stop by reception and ask our friendly staff for some of their favorite local restaurants, bars and shops where you can find some of these local treasures and more.