Best watersports in Cayman

Surrounded by the crystal-clear, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, it is easy to see why Cayman is called an island paradise. While you might be tempted to spend the day on Plantana’s private stretch of Seven Mile Beach, watching the tide roll in, there are many ways to dive into the fun of a day on the water.

Diving, Snorkelling & Swimming

Why just look at the water when you can be a part of it? Cayman is home to some amazing coral gardens, which are filled with a rainbow of friendly fish just waiting to make your acquaintance. In 1957, Cayman was home to one of the world’s first diving resorts, so we’re pretty confident we know good diving!


Whether you choose to captain your own vessel or let a seasoned sailor handle the reigns, sailing is a great way to get a different perspective on the sea. There is almost never a bad time to be out on the water; you could go out for a morning trip to Stingray City, a late lunch on the ocean or a sunset cruise along Seven Mile Beach.


Kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal with ocean life, without having to dive in. Companies offer mangrove and bioluminescence tours as well as renting out their fleets so you can forge your own path.


Don’t like the idea of scuba diving? Snuba gives you all the thrills of swimming much deeper than you could if you were snorkeling above the surface without the hassle of scuba diving equipment or training. Venture below the waters and enjoy watching the tropical fish swim around you.

Paddle Boarding

There is nothing more relaxing than gliding across the waters and taking in the glorious view of our lush island as you pass by. There are introductory courses to paddle boarding to give you all the skills you need in order to hit the water with confidence.

Take a look into paddle board yoga; a fun way to get your work out in and challenge your core strength in different postures. Your savasana will be taken to the next level as you lay on your board surrounded by blue water and the sound of the gentle waves lapping against your board.


For thrill-seekers, wakeboarding will give you a quick fix of adrenaline! Learn how to jump the small waves produced by a motorboat. Challenge your friends and prepare for an afternoon of laughs as you each take turns falling for the sport.

Kite boarding

Between November and May is the perfect time to take advantage of the winds in Cayman and try out kiteboarding. Your coach will have you skating across the water in no time.


If you prefer surfing, you should plan your trip from June to November. The best surf is usually found at Surfer’s Beach, next to the South Sound Community Centre, and off Mariners Cove, although these locations are not for the beginner shredder.

Jet Skiing

You can hardly stay on Seven Mile Beach and not spot a jet ski passing by. Once you get past the swimmer’s line, the ocean becomes your race course as you ride along the waves.


And when you are done below the sea, why not fly above it? You will get a bird’s eye view of Seven Mile Beach as you are pulled behind a boat.


The best way to experience fishing in Cayman is to have an experienced charter take you out, as they will know what areas are protected by law and where all the fish are! The water is seething with a variety of big game fish including mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna, barracuda and much, much more.

With an almost endless supply of ways to enjoy the beautiful waters surrounding our little piece of paradise, we can’t imagine why you would be waiting to book your next vacation.

Enjoy the best Cayman has to offer, here at Plantana.