Workouts with A Twist

Here are a few creative, fun and effective workouts that will keep you in shape while vacationing at your Plantana beach home.

Aerial Arts

Don’t let the feeling of being high up in the air scare you!  Access to aerial arts at Quintessential Movement is just a 5-minute drive from Plantana, and for those who might be intimated about twirling on a pole or flying in hoops and silk, grounded exercises are offered as well.  Bring excitement back to your workout routine!


Is your yoga routine getting a little fusty? Well, just a few steps from your Seven Mile Beach home, prop yourself up with sand, indulge in cool sea breeze and sun and take in the beautiful scenery with Bliss’ beach yoga. For an additional challenge, you can try Thrive Fit’s paddle board yoga which allows you to enjoy the natural splendour of floating on water while increasing balance and focus.

Indoor Cycling

Spice up your cycling routine with upscale indoor cycling using Stages SC3 bikes (which are considered the best indoor cycling bikes by many). Just a few minutes from Plantana in Camana Bay, Ryde offers ‘Beginner’s Rydes’ for newbies, ‘Rhythm Rydes’ where you ride to the beat in high intensity classes and other combo ‘rydes’ which even incorporate Stages Flight software to display just how hard you are working!  Whether you are an athlete eager for a change of pace or you’re just looking for an exhilarating workout, Ryde has got it all.

Book your stay at Plantana now to receive the Fall Special, then plan and execute a workout routine that’ll give you the freedom to indulge in the culinary delights of the season!