What We Are Thankful For

During the Thanksgiving season (October for Canadians, November for Americans and early December for us in Cayman), we can all take a moment to embrace some of truly magnificent things what we take for granted as well as the small mercies we’ve been granted.

Certainly, here at Plantana we have much to be grateful for; a few thoughts come to mind:

  • A dedicated and hardworking team;
  • Our families and friends who support us through thick and thin;
  • Plantana’s beautiful Seven Mile Beach location and views of the Caribbean Sea;
  • An uneventful hurricane season;


Our guests mean the world to us, and we thank you for choosing Plantana year after year, and those of you who gave us an opportunity to take care of you for the first time.

This Thanksgiving, remember the things that warm your hearts, make you laugh, and keep you going each day: family and friends.  They are the stars of the stories we tell, they are gravy and the sweet pies we love, the cornucopia filled with life’s goodness.

From Plantana, we wish you continued blessings this season and always.

“The thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings continually surround us.” ~ James E. Faust