May: Celebrating Carnival Season

May means three things in Cayman: feathers, fun and fanfare.  This month has three weekends packed with back to back carnival fun thanks to Batabano, Junior Batabano, Braccanal and CayMas.

With 36 years of unforgettable costumes and entertainment, Batabano is a celebration of the colours and spirit that are found in Caribbean culture. The music, dance and pageantry that accompany the main parade for adults, happening Saturday, May 4th, takes its roots from the diverse cultural landscape that makes up our region. Each group or ‘band’ has costumes highlighting various themes including magic, arcade games and the colors in Cayman’s glorious sunsets for this year’s parade. The route starts at Public Beach, passes right in front of Plantana and heads along West Bay Road toward Fort Street, George Town.   Don’t be shy – the revellers love to take photos!

Junior Batabano is an opportunity for the local youth and families to get involved in the carnival fun. Schools from across the islands prepare their costumes weeks in advance of the celebration to be sure they are road ready for the parade on Saturday, May 11th.  The children dance and perform within a rainbow of colours and with music all around George Town. The fun continues after the parade with face painting, mask decorating and food stalls in front of the Glass House on Elgin Avenue.

Heading to Cayman Brac for the day? Braccanal is Cayman Brac’s very own carnival with events happening May 16th – 20th.  The main parade takes place at 3pm on Saturday, May 18th, so if you’re making a trip over, join in on the fete with flags in hand!

CayMAS caps off the carnival fun for Cayman. Taking place on Saturday, May 18th, the carnival’s main parade starts in the heart of George Town and makes it way to Public Beach, meaning Plantana guests can enjoy the finale of the parade and even join in on the after party at the beach afterwards.  Although there are fewer bands taking part, this party train still packs a punch with jaw-dropping costumes creating an ocean of colours along West Bay Road. You can also look forward to performance from local dance troupes during the parade.

Pre and post festival events featuring steal-pan competitions, local performers and lots and lots of food, together with a front row seat out in front of Plantana, means these events are a must!

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