Be A Day Tripper in Cayman

Plantana Condos is where it’s at if you are looking for rest and relaxation on world-famous Seven Mile Beach and if you’re looking for convenient access to top notch restaurants, boutiques and major arts, cultural and culinary events like KAABOO (opening tonight February 15th – 16th).  Yet, if you want to fully appreciate the island, consider being a day tripper and take an excursion to one or all of our unique districts.  Just driving on Cayman’s coastal roads offers wonderful sightseeing opportunities.

Here’s a quick look at the journey to South Sound via George Town:

Once you’ve passed Seven Mile Beach’s hotels and condos, you’ll enjoy a mix of traditional and modern architecture. Make sure you stop for a photo at Mr. Arthur’s 7-11 in George Town overlooking the sea – it was built in 1897! Fresh fish and coconuts for sale, corporate centers, resto-bars and dive shops frame the harbor; park and enjoy walking around and taking in the sights and sounds of George Town.  The Cayman Islands National Museum and Atlantis Submarines each provide essential information about Cayman, land and sea, as well as a glimpse into our past. Once you’ve left ‘Town’, make your way into peaceful South Sound and pop into Pure Art Gallery and the National Trust’s Nature Store.  Unique gifts, eco-friendly items and handmade local products and art will tick the ‘Buy Cayman souvenirs’ box.

A little further on, you’ll come to beloved Smith Barcadere, the perfect spot for a picnic or to jump off the iron shore into the cove.  Just beyond is Mind’s Eye (“Miss Lassie House”) a 140-year-old wattle and daub home with hand-painted ‘markings’, placed on the World Monuments Watchlist in 2012. Tours can be booked if you want more than a photo.  Carey’s Black Coral Clinic is also a one-of-a-kind stop, especially if you want great deals on coral jewelry and lots of stories.  Want to venture a little further afield? Check out these popular spots:

  • The Cayman Islands Brewery is a must-do if you want to tour the facility. Watch the experts as they bottle and can local brews.  Sample tasty local beers, though be sure you have a designated driver for the rest of the journey!
  • Pedro St. James provides a robust cultural heritage tour of the restored 3-storey 18th century Great House along with a multi-sensory 3D theater experience. The mist really makes you feel part of the action!

Of course, you can always head into the heart of Bodden Town, East End and North Side for an even richer experience or fly over to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac for the day. If not in the cards this trip, put them on your to-do list!

Once back in the comfort of your beach home at Plantana, savor the memories of your island adventure and plan your next day out…or…relax.