The Cayman Islands are not yet officially reopened for tourism but savvy travelers who make the journey can enjoy a COVID-Free* lifestyle now.

The Cayman Islands brought COVID under control in the summer of 2020 and as of February 2021 there have been no cases of community transmission. The reason is that the island takes COVID very seriously and ensures that all arrivals adhere to a strict quarantine where cases are caught before they can impact the community. As of this February there has been no community transmission for over six months.

This makes Cayman one of the safest places to be with few restrictions in terms of masks and social distancing. Once you enter the bubble it is like being thrown back in time to 2019. *Here is the latest information on COVID in the Cayman Islands.

So for the moment these are the things you need to bear in mind:

These extra requirements do make booking a trip a bit more involved. The guests that have come down to the island during these times have felt it well worth it to enjoy all that Plantana has to offer as part of a stress-free experience on Grand Cayman. One of our repeat guests contributed a blog article on travelling here, quarantining and the uplifting experience of freedom without restrictions.

Early Bird Specials

To make it easier to decide we have some specials for those coming in Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer Special

  • Stay for 7 stay nights and pay 5
  • Applies each week of your stay
  • Spring or Summer rates apply, depending on stay dates
  • Stay must be between April 16th and August 31st, 2021

Plan Your Trip to Plantana

Choose Your Dates

There are flights to/from Miami every Wednesday and Saturday as well as two flights per month from Tampa.

  • Call Cayman Airways and make sure seats are available.
  • Decide on any connecting flights.
  • Leave enough connection time to re-check luggage for the Cayman flight.


Choose Your Unit

Select your dates and see what units are available.

Once you have selected a unit give us a call at 1 (404) 474-4344 to get these early bird special rates and let us answer any other questions you may have.

Start Your Application

Start your travel application on the Travel Cayman website. Select “other” as the reason to travel and enter “long stay trip”. Select the inbound flight from the list of flights and complete the application. They are approved more quickly as the travel date is approached. Usually a few days.

The Trip Itself

Be sure to bring your travel approval from Travel Cayman and evidence of your negative PCR COVID test with you in addition to your normal travel documents. For the Cayman Airways portion of the trip you can expect safety to be taken seriously with middle seats left empty. Upon arrival you will be greeted in a very organized manner as you are taken through getting your COVID test and being given a small wrist band and a special phone to monitor where you are. You will then be taken in taxi to Plantana to settle into your Quarantine

Your Quarantine

While you are in quarantine you can easily get food delivery from the top restaurants in Cayman and have groceries, wine, beer or spirits delivered. Anything else you need we would be happy to arrange. While you can’t go to the beach during quarantine you can sit out on your lanai and get plenty of vitamin D. Settle in, watch some movies and in no time your quarantine period will be up. You will be driven to get your test and in most instances given the green light to leave your unit that evening.

Your Stay

After quarantine you forget about COVID for the rest of your stay. Other than the airport and medical facilities, masks are generally not worn and social distancing is unnecessary. Don’t be surprised if someone comes up and hugs you! Yes it takes some getting used to.

Should you need a PCR test before you return they are available. At time of writing Cayman is considered by the CDC to be a low-risk country so check with your locality to determine if any quarantine restrictions may apply on return.

More Questions?

Give us a call and we will be happy to answer them 1 (404) 474-4344 or email us at