How to Apply for Travel Approval – Cayman Islands

Travelling to Cayman right now can seem like a difficult process, but we’re here to make it as seamless as possible! We are now open to all fully vaccinated travelers and anyone who meets these conditions is no longer required to quarantine upon arrival. Keep reading for a step-by-step process of applying for travel to Cayman and exactly what you’ll need for your long-awaited vacation at Plantana.

Step 1: Travel Arrangements

The first two things you’ll need are valid flights and a confirmed reservation at Plantana! Flights are few and far between through to February/March 2022 so be sure to research what route will work best for you.

On the Plantana website homepage, you can enter your desired dates to see availability and follow the prompts to book your stay online. Alternatively, reach out to us directly at and we can assist!

Step 2: Apply for a Travel Declaration on “Travel Cayman”

You’ll need to navigate to to begin the application process for travel to Grand Cayman. Once you’ve signed up for a profile, you’ll be directed to the “Travel Cayman” Dashboard.

From here, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the banner reading “How to apply for a Travel Declaration?” which will drop down a menu. At the bottom of this, you’ll see a green button reading “Get Started.” Click this to begin.
  2. The next page will load, and in the top right corner, you’ll see another green button reading “+Travel Declaration.” Click this to officially begin your application.
  3. Fill out your details on this page and click “Next”
  4. Answer the first two questions accurately, clicking “Next” each time
  5. You will get to the third question, asking if your vaccination status is securely verifiable. Answer “yes” if you have a QR code for your vaccine. Answer “no” if you have paper documentation for your vaccine.

If you answered “yes” to question 3:

  1. Review the answers you have given and ensure all are correct. Click “next”
  2. Review the requirements for your QR code and have it ready and available. Click “CommonCheck”
  3. Either upload your document with a QR code or scan from your smart phone camera.
  4. If accepted, you will automatically be able to download your travel certificate which is necessary for travel.
  5. Repeat these steps for all travelers in your party.
  6. If your QR code was NOT accepted, go back to question 3, answer “no,” and follow the steps below.

If you answered “no” to question 3:

  1. At this step, DO NOT click “Travel Request.” This will bring you to a new application to apply as an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated group for quarantine upon arrival.
  2. In the blue box, the first paragraph has a bold and uppercase link reading “CLICKING HERE.” This is where you need to click to properly proceed to the next step.
  3. This will bring you to a new page where you’ll need to fill out the information correctly and upload your vaccination documentation. You can fill out this form once for all travelers in your party but pay close attention to how they would like the information filled out.
  4. Once completed with information on everyone you are travelling with, click “Submit”
  5. This will bring you to a page confirming that the application has been sent in and will be reviewed within 24 hours. Please note this process may take much longer than 24 hours depending on demand, so be sure to start the process with time to spare before travel.
  6. Once you receive an email with your travel certificates, you will be cleared for travel to the Cayman Islands.

Step 3: Schedule Your Pre-Arrival PCR Test

One of the requirements for entry into the Cayman Islands at this time is proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding your flight into Grand Cayman. Make sure you have the timing right if you need to make any flight connections! A rapid antigen or lateral flow test will not be accepted – you need to get a PCR test and have the negative result available at all steps in your travel.

Step 4: Make Your Way to Grand Cayman

On the day of your travel, ensure you have your negative PCR test results, your travel certificates, and your proof of vaccination.

Step 5: Carry Out On-Island Rapid Antigen Testing

Once you land in Cayman, you will be given a card at the airport for your Lateral Flow Testing. You are required to undergo a rapid test (lateral flow test) on day 2, day 5, and day 10 of your trip. This must be done by a medical professional and cannot be self-administered. The most convenient approved location for this is at Total Health, located in Grand Pavilion just a short drive up the road from Plantana.

For those guests travelling back to the US, this rapid test is likely to be accepted as your return negative test to re-enter the US if it was done within 72 hours of your departure. Please double check all your necessary travel requirements.

Step 6: Have a Wonderful Trip and Book to Come Again!

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