How to Apply for Travel Approval – Cayman Islands

*Updated 4/21/2022

Travelling to Cayman right now can seem like a difficult process, but we’re here to make it as seamless as possible! We are now open to all fully vaccinated adult travelers and accompanying unvaccinated travelers 11 or under and anyone who meets these conditions is no longer required to quarantine upon arrival. Keep reading for a step-by-step process of applying for travel to Cayman and exactly what you’ll need for your long-awaited vacation at Plantana.

Step 1: Travel Arrangements

The first two things you’ll need are valid flights and a confirmed reservation at Plantana!

On the Plantana website homepage, you can enter your desired dates to see availability and follow the prompts to book your stay online. Alternatively, reach out to us directly at or via phone at 404-474-4344 and we can assist!

Step 2: Apply for a Travel Declaration on “Travel Cayman”

You’ll need to navigate to to begin the application process for travel to Grand Cayman. Once you’ve signed up for a profile, you’ll be directed to the “Travel Cayman” Dashboard.

Follow all steps to apply for a Travel Declaration. If your vaccination record can be verified with a QR code, you will receive your Certificate to Travel immediately. If your vaccination record does not have an associated QR code (eg. paper record or CDC card), your details will be reviewed and the Certificate to Travel should be received within 7 days. You need this Certificate to Travel for all travelers in order to be allowed into the Cayman Islands. It is very important that you apply for a Travel Declaration, NOT a Travel Request.

Step 3: Schedule Your Pre-Arrival Test

One of the requirements for entry into the Cayman Islands at this time is proof of a negative PCR or certified rapid antigen/lateral flow test taken the day before your flight into Grand Cayman. It does not need to be within 24 hours of your flight landing, but rather needs to be within the calendar day before you arrive into Grand Cayman, eg. you are arriving on July 17th so your test must be done at any time on July 16th and return a negative result. All travelers in your party 5 years of age and older are required to do this testing. Children aged 4 and under are not required to present proof of a negative COVID test. If you are taking a rapid antigen or lateral flow test, this must be a certified test, meaning it needs to be done in a lab that can provide printed or digital lab results. This test cannot be self-administered or done by a medical facility unable to provide you with lab results. The Cayman Islands is accepting negative test results through Azova, which is an online video-proctored testing service you can do in the comfort of your home.

Step 4: Make Your Way to Grand Cayman

On the day of your travel, ensure you have your negative PCR or rapid antigen test results, your travel certificates, and your proof of vaccination.

Step 5: Know Your Testing Requirements to Return Home

The on-island testing regime has been discontinued so travelers no longer need to do any rapid tests while on island as a Cayman requirement. Be sure to know the requirements for testing in order for you to return home. Some countries require a negative rapid antigen/lateral flow test or a PCR – the most convenient location for this is at Total Health, located in Grand Pavilion just a short drive up the road from Plantana. They are able to do either type of Covid test necessary for travel. Please double check all your necessary travel requirements. It is currently still a US requirement to show proof of a negative rapid antigen/lateral flow test or PCR the day before travelling home.

Step 6: Have a Wonderful Trip and Book to Come Again!

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