Cayman’s Current Travel Restrictions

The Cayman Islands is in Phase 3 of our reopening plan. After some stumbling blocks were hit this month with community spread of COVID-19, our government made the decision to pause our reopening at Phase 3 without an idea of exactly when we would move into Phase 4.

While we are still in Phase 3, mandatory quarantines upon arrival for all travelers is still required, as well as pre-arrival PCR testing. The quarantine periods range from 7 days up to 14 days, depending on vaccination status of all travelers in your party. This of course makes leisure travel very difficult if not impossible. Phase 4 will also bring its challenges, but vaccinated travelers will be able to come to the Cayman Islands without quarantining as long as their vaccination status can be “securely verified.”

What does it mean for your vaccination status to be securely verified? The Cayman Islands Government has been working with governments, businesses, and programs across the US and beyond to begin accepting vaccinations that can be digitally or securely verified via a QR code or other method beyond just a paper certificate. They will continue to update this list and add to it as more providers become accepted.

Currently, vaccinations are accepted as securely verifiable from the following issuers: the UK National Health Services, any EU Member States or country that meet the EU Digital COVID Certificate standard, and those who use SMART Health Cards and are part of the CommonTrust Network, including Walmart Pharmacy, Sam’s Club Pharmacy, the State of Louisiana, the State of California, UC San Diego Health, CVS Health, and UC Health.

The forecast for traveling to the Cayman Islands without a quarantine is cloudy right now, but we are hopeful to have clearer answers for late 2021 and early 2022 reservations soon. We remain cautiously optimistic that our government will choose to move ahead into the next phase of our reopening in the coming weeks, but no date has officially been set.

We also remain open to the possibility of welcoming you to Plantana while quarantine measures are still in place. If you’re able to squeeze in an extended vacation, look no further than the home away from home that Plantana can provide you. Discounted rates for quarantine stays currently apply and we would love to share details.

The entire team at Plantana continues to miss our guests and hope that we can welcome you all with open arms in the near future. Until then, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 404-474-4344 or for any questions about upcoming travel or future reservations.

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