Preparing to Open Our Borders

While there is currently not any news on when the borders will open more widely to visitors, Cayman is still working hard to reach goals that make a reopening closer on the horizon. The Cayman Islands are aiming for some level of herd immunity before the borders reopen, with vaccinations being the focus to protect our small population.

As of May 26, there have been 78,622 total vaccine doses given in the Cayman Islands, with 65% of our population having received at least one dose and 56% being fully vaccinated with both doses. Though not official via a government announcement, it is widely believed that major changes to our incoming traveler restrictions could occur when 70% of Cayman’s population is fully vaccinated.

We are inching towards this goal, with 65% having their first dose already. Our current batch of vaccines is due to expire at the end of June, so our leaders are encouraging our population to come forward and get vaccinated. Utilizing community spirit, vaccine drives, and raffles and prize offerings, the momentum continues to pull us closer to that goal.

The team at Plantana have also been working hard to get ready for your arrival. Of our 12 staff members, 8 have been fully vaccinated and 3 have received their first dose. We want you to feel safe returning to stay with us, knowing that we have your best interests at heart! New cleaning products and processes have also been adopted since the pandemic began, and we are ready to take care of you whenever you are able to make it to our shores.

Since the summer of 2020, Cayman’s restrictions have been lifted so there are no mask mandates, no social distancing required, and no limits on capacity for restaurants. For now, we still can’t hold events larger than 1,000 persons or host our famous Batabano carnival, but life in Cayman has been as normal as possible for just about a year. While there have been a handful of “COVID Casualties” in reference to restaurants and attractions, there are also plenty of new spots to open up, waiting for you to try!

The Cayman Islands have certainly been blessed throughout the pandemic, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the island that has taken such good care of us all for the past year.

Get in touch with our staff if you’re interested in an extended stay including quarantine – we’re offering a special rate of “stay for 7, pay for 5” and the government accommodation tax is waived through to September 2021, giving a great savings for your stay! Contact us today at

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