Stingray in Grand CaymanSwim with stingrays at Grand Cayman’s most popular water attraction: Stingray City. As the name implies this once-in-a-lifetime adventure allows you to get up close and personal with one of nature’s most fascinating creatures, Southern Stingrays. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying Cayman beaches but for visitors who want to see all that the Cayman Islands has to offer, no trip to Cayman would be complete without a trip to Stingray City.

Even those who initially feel timid about swimming with stingrays soon discover the joy of swimming alongside these gentle giants.

Local charter boats and Cayman Islands tour companies take guests out to an expansive series of sandbars in the middle of the North Sound. This group of sandbars passes through the barrier reef and runs from Morgan Harbour to Rum Point and is a short ride from Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, Stingray City’s smooth flat stage of sand allows visitors to walk in what looks like the middle of the Caribbean Sea. The crystal clear water is only 3-feet high, allowing even the youngest members of your group to enjoy the adventure of swimming with stingrays. Read more »

Bring a cooler of ice cold beverages or a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery of Stingray City. Many of the local charter companies who take visitors out to Stingray City, even offer complimentary beverages and snacks for the short journey. Stingray City is also one of the best photo ops on the island, giving you ample chances to snap pictures that your friends will have a hard time believing are real.

Once you enjoy Stingray City, you can continue through the North Sound to reach Rum Point, a laidback island get-a-away that has a white sand beach, local beach bar, and fine dining restaurant. Rum Point offers visitors a chance to see a different part of Grand Cayman, and makes a great stop on your Stingray City tour. « Read less

History of Grand Cayman Stingray City

Thanks to a long-standing tradition of locals and visitors who feed the stingrays, Stingray City’s stingrays are tame and friendly. Many believe the tradition of feeding the stingrays started decades ago, when returning fishermen would enter the calm waters behind the reef to clean the catch of the day. After some time the stingrays associated the area--and the sound of boat engines--with food, looking for the guts of fish tossed overboard by the fishermen. Some of the fisherman discovered that they could hand feed the stingrays and over time tours began bringing visitors to the sand bar.

Today, visitors to the Cayman Islands can hand feed the stingrays with squid and other marine food. Almost like puppy dogs, the stingrays at Stingray City enjoy playing with visitors and often allow you to take pictures with them or even get a kiss from one. Visitors can bring snorkeling gear to get a better look, or simply wade through the water to see the majestic stingrays in action.

Getting to Stingray City from Seven Mile Beach

Charter BoatsMany charter boats are available for half-day tours to Stingray City. Guests at Plantana Condos on Seven Mile Beach are encouraged to contact us for more information about local trips to Stingray City, as well as trips that go from Rum Point to Stingray City. We are more than happy to recommend operators that offer either half-day or full-day excursions. Simply visit our We Recommend page which will give you information to book the trip, scheduling all of the details of pick up, drop-off, and equipment rental (if necessary), so you and your family can enjoy swimming with stingrays.

There are some private charters that are ideal for larger groups or extended families that wish to rent their own private boat. These catamarans and power boats offer visitors the chance to see Stingray City and Rum Point at their own speed, without being part of a larger tour group. While these can be a bit more expensive, if you have a large enough group, the cost is comparable to what you would pay to reserve your spot with a large tour group. Read more »

Some tour companies, even offer jet ski trips to Stingray City. For visitors who want a more adventurous journey to the sandbar, local companies give you access to a tour guide, jet ski, and snorkel equipment. Following your expert guide, travel through the North Sound where you can stop and see marine life along the way before arriving at Stingray City. Once you are at Stingray City, simply turn off your jet ski, put on your snorkel gear, and hop in the water. The jet ski tours are perfect for individuals, couples, and small groups, but are not good for small children.

Swimming with stingrays is something that everyone must do when they come to the Cayman Islands. You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Click here to learn more about Stingray City, as well as to discover what other travelers thought about their experience swimming with stingrays at Stingray City in Grand Cayman. « Read less

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