Cayman DivingWith calm blue waters, more than 100 feet of visibility, expansive reef walls, and friendly dive professionals, scuba diving in Cayman is one of the major draws for visitors. It is easy to see why the Cayman Islands were home to some of the first recreational dives in the Caribbean. Since 1957 when Bob Soto, one of diving’s pioneers, opened Grand Cayman Island’s first dive shop, the waters around Grand Cayman have become a haven for dive enthusiasts. Now, the Cayman Islands boast 200 dive sites and more than three dozen scuba diving operations. With numerous accolades and recognitions from Scuba Diving publications and websites, the Cayman Islands are frequently listed at the top of the list in the Top 100 dive sites by scuba diving professionals.

Because the Cayman Islands are the tops of underwater mountains, there are deep walls--up to 20,000 feet--all around each of the Cayman Islands, perfect for beginning or experienced divers. However, because the islands themselves are flat, without river runoffs, the reefs are able to develop without any erosion. But perhaps what makes the Cayman waters so ideal for divers is the protected Marine Parks. As a focus, the Caymanian locals and people who call Cayman home take marine conservation and education very seriously. Anchoring is outlawed in the islands as well as unchecked fishing. All of these precautions contribute to the rich, healthy marine life that thrives in the waters around Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman Dive Sites

Cayman DivingFrom newly certified divers to Nitrox and technical divers, the Cayman Islands have dive sites for every level of diver. While there are 200 sites for you to explore during your stay in the Cayman Islands, here are just a handful of sites located close to Plantana Condos on Seven Mile Beach:

Governor’s Reef-- Home to French angelfish and parrotfish; this dive site is not accessible from the shore, but only requires a quick boat ride and is an easy dive for beginners.

Killer Puffer-- This reef dive is ideal for underwater photographers. Enjoy seeing sergeant majors, snapper, parrotfish, and wrasse. While it is not accessible from shore, it does provide good snorkeling opportunities.

Aquarium North-- See spotted trunkfish, blue-striped grunts, goatfish, snapper, porgy, wrasses and parrotfish at one of the most colorful Cayman dive sites.

Angelfish Reef-- Aptly named, this dive site also offers good snorkeling opportunities. Just a short boat ride to the site, underwater photographers can capture the colorful angelfish, sea fans and plumes.

Lost Treasure Reef-- This shore dive offers breathtaking underwater views and is great for those who enjoy shore dives or who want a shallow second dive of the day.

Marty’s Wall-- This mini-wall reef dive offers views of sponges, moray eels, small grouper and parrot fish.

Sand Chute-- Ski underwater with this 50-foot-wide slope of white sand that starts in 60 feet of water.

Eagle’s Nest-- See eaglerays and turtles along the wall of this reef dive. While it is not accessible from the shore, there are some prime snorkeling opportunities.

Wall Street--- A deep dive that offers expansive views of coral life and other marine life, divers can often see more than 100 feet.

Neptune’s Wall-- This steep wall dive provides views of black coral, sea fans, lobsters and moray eels.

Little Tunnels, Round Rock West, and Dragon’s Hole-- These sites are farther out and offer caves to explore, giant elephant sponges to see, and depths that offer something for the more advanced divers.

To view a complete list of dive sites on Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Brac, or Little Cayman visit Dive Cayman Dive Sites Map

Cayman Dive Masters and Cayman Island Dive Shops

When you dive in Grand Cayman, you will be well taken care of by the dive masters and dive shops of ..the Cayman Islands. Visitors can expect to find the best equipment on the market, as well as friendly, helpful service from professionals who not only understand Caribbean diving, but who can give you insider information about diving in the Cayman Islands. Safety, fun and education are their top priorities. Here is a list of local dive shops located close to Plantana Condos on Seven Mile Beach that provide rental equipment and dive charters:

Cayman Diving

However, while we encourage you to see what is available, we are more than happy to make further recommendations for you. With easy pick-up just a short walk from your beachfront condo along Seven Mile Beach, many of the Cayman dive charters offer equipment rental as well as discounted dive packages for our guests. Let us help coordinate your Cayman diving adventure

Dive Certification in Cayman

Need to get certified? Dive certification is easier than you think with new online classes and simulations. Talk to one of the dive operators for ePADI certification classes. There is no better time to get certified than on your trip to the Cayman Islands.

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