Stingray City is one of the most well-known attractions and unique charms of our beautiful islands.  So why exactly should you add it to your bucket list? 

Stingray City has a very special place in Cayamanian history. Decades ago, local fisherman would come to this peaceful and shallow part of the North Sound to clean their daily catch. Enticed by the easy meal of fish scrap thrown off the side of the fisherman’s boats, southern stingrays began to gather there daily. Noticing that the stingrays were more than happy to be feed by hand, boat charters soon started to bring visitors to this spot to get up close and personal with the beautiful sea creatures. And thus Stingray City was born.

But why exactly would someone want to come face to face with a stingray?

Many of Cayman’s local tour operators have noted that the stingrays found at the sand bar are like the puppies of the sea. Each has their own individual personality and love becoming friends with those who visit them, especially if you have their favorite treat, squid. People who regularly frequent Stingray City have even given each stingray their own special nickname, using distinguishing marks on the stingrays to tell them apart. Be sure to get your tour guide to point Frisbee out to you when you go.

For those who have always joked that they should have been born a mermaid, Stingray City is the perfect place to get to know the beautiful fish that inhabit Cayman’s waters, within their own natural habitat.

And for those who are less fond of our fishy friends, Stingray City offers an amazing opportunity to conquer those fears. Friendly tour operators are always on hand to help ease you into the waters and introduce you to these intriguing creatures. If you find that you are still unsure about jumping in, don’t worry, the stingrays are still amazing to watch from the boat.

Whatever your reasons for visiting, we are sure your day out at Stingray City will become a memory that you will remember for years to come. After an afternoon out on the water, you will find solace back at your home away from home at Plantana.