There may not be snow on the ground or a chill in the air, but the Christmas spirit is certainly alive here in the Cayman Islands and with just a few days left to go, there are still plenty of things to enjoy over the Christmas break:

 - Explore the island’s fabulous Christmas lights at multiple private residences that have a long tradition of opening up their homes for the holidays for all to enjoy the glittering displays. Or simply sit on the beach or your lanai and enjoy the lights here at Plantana.

 - Enjoy a Christmas classic – Camana Bay’s Culture at the Cinema series will be showing The Nutcracker this Christmas Eve, Sunday, Dec. 24th at 3 p.m.

 - If attending church is one of your Christmas traditions, there’s no need to miss out while on vacation, you’ll find plenty of church services in Grand Cayman around Christmas. Check out this list of local churches in Cayman.

 - If you are looking for fun for all the family, the Cayman Winter Carnival is sure to be a hit. Opening daily from 6 pm to midnight, the park has food, drinks and rides for all ages to enjoy.

 - Brunch is something of a tradition at any time of the year in the Cayman Islands but on Christmas Day, restaurants and hotels across the island go all out with delicious displays of fresh seafood, breakfast classics, roasted meats and bottomless bubbles. See the selection on offer here.

 - Or, of course, you could just chill out and relax right here at Plantana. Read a book under the shade of a tree, take a swing in the hammock or a dip in the sea and enjoy the views along Seven Mile Beach.

However you choose to spend the holidays, we hope that you enjoy all the magic of the season and look forward to welcoming you to Plantana soon.