As tempting as it would be to spend your entire vacation on the perfection that is Seven Mile Beach at Plantana, it is worth setting aside a road trip day to North Side to taste fresh local dishes and even food from afar, discover unique hot spots and admire the stunning, natural beauty of the district.

Longtime favorites of tourists and locals alike, Rum Point– home of the Mudslide and Kaibo Beach Bar Marina both encompass the best that casual beachfront dining can offer.  With warm white sand under your feet, tempting menu options for ‘sea-foodies’ and landlubbers alike (don’t forget their beach BBQs too!), live music and hammocks, these popular North Side destinations make for ideal spots to dine, sip on a cocktail or a yummy Mudslide, swim, enjoy watersports and more.  On your way back, stop at Over the Edge - another great restaurant/bar frequented by locals who enjoy relaxing and dining on a deck right over the ocean.  It’s a great spot to catch up on what’s happening in sports too!

As your traverse the district, you will want take a few ‘selfies’ with the impressive 16-foot Blue Iguana found in Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden. Located on the highway between Old Man Bay and the Queen’s Monument, the Sculpture Garden is also home to a 17-foot crocodile, a massive land crab and a lovely mermaid, all ready and waiting to have their picture taken with you and your family. Fun fact: The Garden is also a popular geocaching site.

Another beautiful location to visit by car or by boat is Starfish Point.  If you have ever dreamed of getting up close and personal with a star, the Point is home to numerous red cushion starfish that use this peaceful stretch of beach to rest up.  Just be sure that when you take photos with the fish they are still submerged in the water, as removing them for any length of time will significantly hurt them as they require water to breathe.

In the mood to explore? Visit Cayman’s most famous caves - The Crystal Caves – located within an almost untouched, tropical forest.  As your tour guides lead you along a wooded pathway and then through the 3 very different caves you will marvel at the stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and otherworldly formations, formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time.

To fully immerse yourself in Cayman’s local flora and fauna, visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Learn how Cayman’s culture so closely connected to the plants that call here home. The park is also home to the Blue Iguana Recovery Program, an internationally recognized conservancy program that has helped bring the world’s only blue iguana back from the brink of extinction.

For an even more intense experience, off the beaten path is the Mastic Trail– a perfect Sunday hike.  Be sure to stay hydrated as you walk through this expansive nature reserve. 

After your North Side adventure, be sure to share your precious memories with the Plantana family using the hashtag #PlantanaCayman.