Vacations are all about taking a break from the daily grind and one great way to forget about your worries while vacationing is to sweat the stress away. In the Cayman Islands, we make the most of our beautiful paradise by taking our workouts outside.  Staying at Plantana will give you great options for staying fit in a gorgeous setting.

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than practicing yoga with your toes in the sand as you listen to the sea gently lap against the shoreline?  Probably not, so come enjoy yoga from the privacy of Plantana’s own piece of Seven Mile Beach by booking a private session with Bliss Yoga.  

If you want to challenge yourself, take your practice to the sea and experience Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga with Vitamin Sea Cayman.

If yoga doesn’t appeal to you, you can still improve your paddleboard skills in an unforgettable setting or learn the basic techniques for the first time.  Don’t worry if you don’t quite manage to stay on the board, the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea will help break your fall and cool you off…while you have good laugh!

Speaking of cooling off, a few laps in Plantana’s pool is the perfect form of cardio, keeping you refreshed as you build endurance without adding pressure to the joints. 

Want to mix exercise with little adventure?  Then cruise along on a guided bike tour through various districts of Grand Cayman. In the neighborhood of Plantana, the West Bay Loop Tour takes you past Hell Post Office, Boatswain's Bay, and the windswept beach trails of Barkers National Park. There are also several tour options on the opposite end of the island in the seaside village of East End And you can always rent a bike and carve out your own island adventure.  

For those with a creative streak, sign up for a dance, pole or aerial class – a fun and exciting way to get your blood pumping.

No matter what activities you take up on your vacation, staying at Plantana offers you access to a host of activities to keep you in shape, and a home away from home to relax in after a great work out.