In the event you needed any more proof that Cayman is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, the month of October is dedicated to restaurants – paradise for foodies.  This year, the Cayman Islands Tourism Association has teamed up with 19 of the island’s favorite restaurants to offer fantastically low priced menus for 4 weeks straight.

Each restaurant creates delectable delights of 3-course menus starting at CI$15 (US$18) for lunch and CI$25-$45 (US$30) for dinner, with a total of 31 delicious menus to sample.  That’s one for every day of the month!

Some of participating restaurants near Plantana include Cimboco, where the Full Monty Burger and the ‘OMG’ Cheesecake Brownie à la mode will tantalize your taste buds so much that you’ll not even give a second thought about calories (you’re allowed treats on vacation after all!). 

You can also take a stroll down the beach to Ferdinand’s at the Westin, where the mouthwatering Cayman Conch Chowder, Serrano Ham and Gruyere Tartine and Sticky Toffee Pudding will have you craving seconds.

At Sunshine Bar & Grill Restaurant, enjoy the jerk chicken egg roll, 2-fish taco and ‘Banana Foster and Crepes’ in relaxed dinner atmosphere with friends. If you fancy Italian cuisine, head out to Edoardo’s for the smoked duck salad, ‘Chicken Pizzaiola’ and Banana Toffee Pie – yum! And you can always mix it up a bit at Ave, where there’s a mélangeof international flavors to savor with Mediterranean lamb meatballs, fresh local snapper and Strawberry S’mores on the menu. The sweetest part? These restaurants are less than 10 minutes away from your beach home away from home, here at Plantana.

Craving more Restaurant Month menus? Check them out right here.  Don’t forget – October is also known for Cocktail Week – a popular featured event in Restaurant Month which we will give you the scoop on in our next blog!

Want to enjoy all the savings you can on food and accommodation?  Book now and get a night ‘on the house’ – free – when you book for 5 nights through December 16!  There’s so much to savor when you join us at Plantana.