While the Cayman Islands may not experience extreme seasonal changes in winter, spring, summer and autumn, we still have many different seasons that we get excited about and enjoy throughout the year. Summer time ushers in the beloved mango season, and although we don’t have the most bounteous of crops on island this year due to unusual rain and windy activity when fruit trees were flowering, mango season is in full swing and there’s enough of the juicy fruit available for everyone to devour.

It is only natural for epicureans to celebration ‘mango time’, and Cayman’s restaurants are no exception, with many of their chefs using the fruit to whip up some of the most delectable dishes under the Caribbean sun.

Check out these local mango delicacies you will want to savor:

Blue Cilantro’s lunch menu is filled with creative ways of enjoying the aromatic mango. From a Tropical Black Bean Soup with Mango Relish to a Tandoori Chicken Wrap featuring Mango Mint Chutney, the sweet, vitamin-rich fruit can be a part of almost every section of your meal.  The best part? This offering is less than a five minute drive from your home away from home.

For those who prefer to drink their mango, Cimboco offers a sweet and tart Mango Lemonade to quench your thirst after a long, relaxing beach day at Plantana.

No meal is quite complete without desert.  Gelato & Co. in Camana Bay creates a cooling Mango Sorbet from scratch that is dairy free, fat free and vegan.  The Cayman Creperie also offers a comforting Mango Smoothie which is sure to help wrap up the day nicely. Plus, their outdoor patio is a great place to watch the sunset in Cayman, aside Plantana’s own private beach.

But if you truly want to enjoy mango like a local, head down to the Farmer’s Market at the Cricket Grounds, near to the airport, or to the market at Camana Bay on Wednesdays, to pick up fresh mangos (preferably “turn” i.e. half green/half ripe, not too hard/not too soft) AND seasoning or regular salt (yes---salt!) to sprinkle on top.  Better yet, forget the store bought salt topping, and instead, dive into the sea at Plantana with mangos in hand, and eat them on the spot, making sure you let a little salt water touch them.  While you’re at it, play a game of ‘toss in and dive them up’ with friends and family, winner taking all he or she finds!  Not only do the mangos taste heavenly - green, ‘turn’ or ripe – the ocean makes for an easy cleanup afterwards.  This salty-sweet combo is something that everyone should experience for themselves, especially in the middle of the Caribbean Sea – a cultural delight.

And be sure to attend Looky Ya: Mango Season at the Museum on July 14th – a mango festival with every type of mango product you could ever want, a Mango Peeling Competition and so much more! 

PS: Look up ‘Mango Time’ – a classic Caribbean folk song about the glorious mango season which you can add to your song collection all while snacking on this food of the gods.