Every trip to Grand Cayman is a truly extraordinary experience. With our tropical temperatures year round and a different beach for almost every day of the year, including Plantana’s own private stretch of Seven Mile Beach, is it any wonder we have become a second home to so many?  

To ensure that your trip is truly an unforgettable experience, why not take the opportunity to take a trip off the beaten path and dive into Cayman’s cool waters with some new friends. 

Both Pampered Ponies and Spirit of the West offer the opportunity to trot along the beach with some of Cayman’s most beautiful horses. But, guests are in for an even more amazing experience, as these magnificent creatures glide into the cool, blue waters and swim about. This adventure is both breathtaking and refreshing. With both companies keeping group sizes small, each trip is sure to be a truly individual experience.

Even better, both companies offer pick up services to ensure that your entire excursion runs smoothly.