When in Cayman, do as the locals do and enjoy the delights of happy hour, island style. That’s one of the ways to bring in the weekend as you enjoy our slice of paradise.

Low prices doesn’t have to mean low quality. Sunset House’s My Bar, in George Town, is the perfect testament to this. With its huge open-sided, thatched roof cabana, My Bar has earned its stripes. Their mudslides are one of the many menu delights that you can savor as you take in a breathtaking sunsets sitting on the water’s edge. My Bar is just a 15 minute drive from Plantana’s central Seven Mile Beach location.

Working our way back towards Plantana from George Town, Anchor & Denat the Marriott, has a handcrafted happy hour that is inspired by the concept of an Apothecary (traditionally a place that sells elixirs and potions); the resident ‘mixologists’ use homemade syrups, infused waters and dehydrated fruits to create their unique botanical blends. A DJ sets the mood for some Friday fun.

Just down West Bay Road at HemingwaysRestaurant, Beach & Pool Bar is worthy of your consideration. Pick something to drink from their large selection and watch the sunset with friends. The restaurant section offers a modern take on Asian cuisine while the pool bar is the perfect place to mingle with locals and make some new friends.

Want a Happy Hour you can walk to? Just over a 15 minute stroll along Seven Mile Beach, Coccoloba Bar & Grill, offers a casual, beachside take on coastal Mexican cuisine. The friendly staff will help you feel right at home in the open air restaurant. It’s almost a guarantee that cooling off with a popsicle will trigger memories of your childhood. How aboutan adult-only margarita popsicle for a completely refreshing way to cool off from a day on the beach?

Don’t forget the restaurants and bars just around the corner either – Westin Beach Bar, Legendz Sports Bar, XQs and Barolos.

Wish all this happiness could last longer than an hour? It can! At Plantana, your beach home away from home, you can always lounge around the gardens or watch the sun dip below the horizon comfortably at the beach or pool deck, making the most of your tropical getaway.