Anyone visiting Cayman in the 70s will say they stumbled upon paradise and many, many of our visitors have fallen under the spell of these idyllic Islands, considering them a second home or at the least, an annual vacation spot.

For Randy, his sister, Karla, and their parents, Charles and Aliene, Grand Cayman left a lasting impression on their first visit in 1977. A year later, Randy married Beverly.  To celebrate their 5th anniversary, they began what would become a family tradition – staying on Seven Mile Beach at – you guessed it - Plantana Condos.  Since then, their family has expanded and everyone has made the property their preferred getaway.  Where else can you don mermaid costumes in bright sunshine, on a secluded coral sand beach and Caribbean blue as your backdrop?

“There is no place on Cayman better than Plantana... no place in the world we'd rather vacation together than Plantana!” – Randy & Beverly