Here at Plantana, we are excited to have become a part of many families’ histories and traditions. This includes Brooks and Benjamin

Here in Grand Cayman there are many different and fun ways to ensure your fitness

A very special guest came to visit Plantana’s stretch of Seven Mile Beach recently. A mother endangered green sea turtle chose

The typical day in Grand Cayman is sunny and bright, perfect for a day of fun on Seven Mile Beach. But every now and then, the sun just doesn’t want to come out to play. Especially during the late summer month of September when the occasional rain shower is very likely.

Love was in the air and down on the beach as Elena and Mark got married on Plantana’s stunning stretch of Seven Mile Beach on July 15. 

Whilst on vacation here at Plantana, it can be very easy to get swept up in all the excitement and beauty of your surroundings but that doesn’t mean you have to forget to take care of yourself. There are many all natural and organic eating choices on island to enjoy when you are looking for some healthier options.  

We are pleased to announce that Plantana recently received a Certificate of Excellence from travel review website TripAdvisor for the fourth year running.

Like magic just after the seasonal rains of May, our resident orchid bloomed on June 1st and new shoots have been bursting out every few days since.

Outdoor sporting events are always popular in the Cayman Islands, particularly because of our near-constant warm weather that makes it difficult to resist being outside. One such event is the annual Flowers Sea Swim which was held this past Saturday. Plantana guests had the pleasure of witnessing either from their own special spot on our Seven Mile Beach backyard or by taking a short walk down the beach to the event’s start and finish point. 

Plantana on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is a place for family fun activity, and two young guests made sure they had their share of fun in the sun! Connor and Jonathan, two boys who met recently at Plantana where their families were vacationing, decided to create stone sculptures on the beach. 

If you have fallen in love with the trees and flowers scattered across Plantana and want to experience more of this natural environment, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park offers a blend of natural beauty, culture and history for locals and visitors alike. Just a 40 minute drive from Plantana in the secluded district of North Side, the Botanic Park boasts 3 gardens, woodland trails and a lake for aquatic birds, just to name a few of the attractions.

If you are looking for a bit of adventure and want to experience a different side to Cayman, a guided bicycle tour offers a great opportunity to do just that. Take a ride off the beaten track and get up close with some of the people and traditions that have shaped these beautiful islands.

Last weekend a burst of color passed by Plantana as locals and visitors alike took to the road for the Cayman Carnival Batabano parade. This annual festival takes its name from the Cayman Islands’ turtling heritage - the word "Batabano" refers to the tracks left in the sand by sea turtles as they crawl onto the beach to nest. As the sound of soca music began to fill the air, guests and staff came out to take in the parade as it passed by Plantana en route to George Town.


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We are very fortunate to have Grand Cayman’s famous Seven Mile Beach right on our doorstep, allowing our guests to enjoy the pristine white sand just steps away. And for those looking to explore, Cayman also has plenty of alternative beach options, each with its own unique character, just a short drive or boat ride away.

Here are our top suggestions for experiencing a different beach every day:

Cemetery Beach: Just a few kilometers north of Plantana you will find some of the best snorkeling in the Seven Mile Beach area at Cemetery Beach. Explore the colorful underwater world of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea just off the shore.

Smith Barcadere: Located on the South West of Grand Cayman, just outside of George Town, Smith Barcadere is a small yet beautiful beach surrounded by ironshore coastline. The shaded areas amongst the trees make this a great spot for picnics.

Rum Point: No trip to Grand Cayman would be complete without a visit to Rum Point. Rent a car or hop on a boat and spend the afternoon enjoying the various watersports on offer or simply relaxing in a hammock and sipping one of their famous Rum Point Mudslides.

Starfish Point: The abundance of starfish in the clear shallow waters makes this a great beach trip for anyone looking for a quiet spot to enjoy Cayman’s natural beauty.

Spotts Public Beach: The perfect place for spotting one of Cayman’s native turtles. Visit from 4-6pm to spot the turtles that come into the shallow waters to feed on the sea grass.

Easter in Cayman brings with it lots of excitement for kids and adults alike. With the Cayman Islands observing the Good Friday and Easter Monday as public holidays, the long holiday weekend is filled with religious and family oriented traditions. At Plantana, we celebrate this time of year with our annual Easter Egg hunt to the delight of kids and parents alike who are relieved to know that the Easter Bunny does indeed make a stop at Plantana.

March is National Craft Month which means it’s time to get creative! Our Plantana guests are lucky enough to be just steps away from the stunning white sands of Seven Mile Beach and free to enjoy Plantana’s uncrowded beach that is just perfect for spending time with family. What better way to keep kids occupied at the beach than creating hand-made souvenirs to capture your precious vacation memories.

If you have been fortunate enough to spend time in the Cayman Islands, you’ll know a Caymanian sunset or sunrise is a marvelous start and end to any day.

Imagine waking up to streams of warm rays gleaming through your Plantana condo and the crisp morning air greeting you as you step out onto your screened patio with your morning coffee. Fast forward a little later and you are walking along Seven Mile Beach with a perfect sunrise starting to illuminate our crystal clear sea, or maybe you have already cozied up in one of our beach chairs taking in the fresh air as the morning sun warms your skin. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, take a drive out to East End and catch the sunrise on one of the many deserted beaches, then enjoy a relaxing breakfast before spending the late morning leisurely taking in the beauty of the Botanic Park.

The sunsets on island are just as magnificent, and what better place to view it than your very own backyard here at Plantana. After a long day of activities, catch the sun as it sinks behind the horizon and say farewell to another beautiful day in paradise. Enjoy the post-sunset sky, left in an aftermath of purple, crimson and gold, which makes for a perfect vacation photo op.

It’s ‘winter’ season in Grand Cayman and while us locals may feel a little ‘chilly’ during this time of year, our guests find the weather pleasantly warm without being too hot or humid, and with gentle breezes that keep the air cool and fresh.

This is the season where Grand Cayman can sometime get the tail-end of the northern winter storms. Locally known as a Nor’wester, these winds can turn our calm Caribbean Sea along Seven Mile Beach into rolling waves, providing the perfect conditions for surfers, body-boarders and windsurfers which the ‘big kids’ do so enjoy.

In Grand Cayman, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, from sambals to sushi, pasta to pad Thai. What makes Cayman so special though, is the emphasis we place on local produce and traditional dishes.