If you have been fortunate enough to spend time in the Cayman Islands, you’ll know a Caymanian sunset or sunrise is a marvelous start and end to any day.

Imagine waking up to streams of warm rays gleaming through your Plantana condo and the crisp morning air greeting you as you step out onto your screened patio with your morning coffee. Fast forward a little later and you are walking along Seven Mile Beach with a perfect sunrise starting to illuminate our crystal clear sea, or maybe you have already cozied up in one of our beach chairs taking in the fresh air as the morning sun warms your skin. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, take a drive out to East End and catch the sunrise on one of the many deserted beaches, then enjoy a relaxing breakfast before spending the late morning leisurely taking in the beauty of the Botanic Park.

The sunsets on island are just as magnificent, and what better place to view it than your very own backyard here at Plantana. After a long day of activities, catch the sun as it sinks behind the horizon and say farewell to another beautiful day in paradise. Enjoy the post-sunset sky, left in an aftermath of purple, crimson and gold, which makes for a perfect vacation photo op.

It’s ‘winter’ season in Grand Cayman and while us locals may feel a little ‘chilly’ during this time of year, our guests find the weather pleasantly warm without being too hot or humid, and with gentle breezes that keep the air cool and fresh.

This is the season where Grand Cayman can sometime get the tail-end of the northern winter storms. Locally known as a Nor’wester, these winds can turn our calm Caribbean Sea along Seven Mile Beach into rolling waves, providing the perfect conditions for surfers, body-boarders and windsurfers which the ‘big kids’ do so enjoy.

In Grand Cayman, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, from sambals to sushi, pasta to pad Thai. What makes Cayman so special though, is the emphasis we place on local produce and traditional dishes.

On Sundays, we brunch! All this talk about Taste of Cayman and the Cayman Cookout has us a bit hungry. Sunday Brunch in the Cayman Islands is an affair not to be missed. Ask any local and they will say that their favourite spots are typically teeming with food lovers as brunch is a ritual for local residents and our visitors alike to enjoy. Whether you chose to dine indoor or outdoor or better yet seaside with a view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, there will be a sociable and happy atmosphere for the whole family.

Depending on what you like, there is a wide range of choices from casual home-style a la carte breakfast brunch to the decadent all-you-can-eat buffet feast to include local delicacies and desserts. Whatever you fancy, you are sure to find something for everyone, not to mention the bottomless bubbles many restaurants offer.

Cayman is unequitable the epicurean destination of the Caribbean! We take food very seriously, from the succulent ceviche to the cooling coconut water and whether at a world class fine-dining restaurant or a rustic island heritage spot.

As we ring in the New Year, and say goodbye to 2015, it’s a great time to reflect and list your resolutions for 2016. Many of us probably feel that life is busy, rushed and flying by. Stress levels are getting higher and time is getting shorter. So why not make this year’s resolution to take time to relax, rejuvenate and have more fun in the sun.

Although the holidays are over and the last piece of tinsel is stored in a box, at Plantana and all over Grand Cayman, the holiday festivities never get packed away. We’re here to help you accomplish your resolution of relaxation with our luxury accommodation, impeccable service and breath-taking views. Soak up the fun in Plantana’s backyard which is on Grand Cayman’s world-class Seven Mile beach, with everything from swimming, snorkelling, and paddle boarding on offer to simply basking in the sun or in the cool shade of the trees that line our beach.

Whether taking in the splendid colors of Seven Mile at sunrise, at high noon, at sunset, or at midnight, bringing in the New Year with a holiday vacation at Plantana is spectacular! From the vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea by day through a golden sunset to the burst of color as fireworks light the sky at midnight, you truly have the best spot to define your perfect moment to close out the year ending and bring in the New Year!

Many are fortunate enough to know from personal experience that spending the Christmas holidays on Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach is truly a relaxed, magical time – the days are bright and colorful with the sparkle of our white sand beach and crystal clear Caribbean Sea reflecting the skies in every hue of blue imaginable, while at night, twinkling lights are adorned everywhere. There is a spirit of joy and excitement as family and friends spend memorable times together. The warmth of friendliness and goodwill is cooled only by the sweet, cool trade-wind breezes typical of the season which Caymanians call “Christmas Breeze.”

Take your palate to paradise this January. In Cayman we take food very seriously and pride ourselves on the variety of appetizing local and international fare on offer. The Taste of Cayman, a food and wine festival, is a culinary extravaganza which tantalizes taste buds in true Cayman style.

Why not come and celebrate with us at Plantana this January, and enjoy this gastronomic delight between your days lazing on our powdery white beaches and swimming in our cool blue sea?


Amidst all the quiet and breezy days of Cayman's fall season, one week in November stands out from all the rest with Cayman’s Pirate Week Festival. Every year around the 3rd week of Novmber the Cayman Islands are invaded by Pirates to celebrate our heritage with food, fun and fireworks. 

From street parades to heritage days in each of the island's districts, Pirates Week Festival is a great time to explore Cayman’s culture, with every district providing their distinct touch to unique crafts and flavor-full cultural dishes.

In early October Seven Mile Beach and George Town had a guest in the waters: Sargassum seaweed. Due to unusual change in winds coming from the west, this seaweed travelled from the Atlantic throughout the Caribbean.

The morning started like most others: warm and sunny, the sand was soft and its usual powdery white. As the morning went on, the sea turned to reddish brown as the seaweed swept in, making landfall on Cayman’s beaches.

Plantana guests are in for a treat with October’s Restaurant Month kicking off delectable deliciousness for diners.   
Cayman’s Restaurant Month allows you to try a variety of dishes from an assortment of restaurants at reduced prices.  Whether you enjoy a romantic ambience, sipping on lobster bisque, or you’re looking to get messy with BBQ smoked ribs with the kids – Restaurant Month provides lunch and dinner deals for all.  With twenty restaurants participating this year, diners are spoilt for cuisine choice from seafront restaurants such as Rackhams and Grand Old House to contemporary dining at Camana Bay at Abacus and Ortanique.  The options are plentiful, the menus are scrumptious and the cost is reasonable.

This past week we all watched the news, breaths abated, as Hurricane Joaquin made its slow trek northward. Our hearts go out to the Bahamas but at the same time that we give thanks that our many Plantana family and friends on the US Northeast coasts were spared.

Amazingly, Cayman experienced some squalls of heavy rain at times with high winds and rough seas. The stormy like days made for some wonderful beach walks watching the sea change character from its typical calm and translucent blue waters of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach into rolling white tipped waves.

We all know snorkeling is a fun water activity but there are other options to see the big blue without strapping on flippers. Or if you have grown accustomed to snorkeling and want to try out something new, a few alternatives have surfaced which gives our guests the opportunity to have an even closer encounter with wildlife.


While enjoying a walk along Seven Mile Beach, you’ll notice many things about the island besides the picturesque ocean. If you turn your head towards the shoreline, you’ll typically see an array of trees rooted on the sandy beaches and dancing in the salty air.


Imagine gliding through the warm waters of Grand Cayman, seeing a lobster retreat to its shell and stopping to let fishes cross before continuing on to take in the beautiful colors of a spectacular underwater community. These are the breathtaking views that await everyone on a dive with Atlantis Submarine.


It’s interesting how the sand of a beach differs from place to place. Some sand is course like tiny pebbles or crushed shells while others can be the finest grain that it’s almost like powder. Growing up in Cayman, I was spoiled by our crystal clear water and, as I now realize after many years of traveling the globe, by our perfect texture of sand.

The past few blogs have raved about the many fun things to do in Grand Cayman and most activities involved various apparatus ranging from simple snorkel gear to the gear of parasailing. But even in this day and age of technology, good old fashion nature still thrills!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids during the warm summer evenings, Camana Bay has just the thing for you. Just a 5 minute drive or bus ride away from Plantana, Camana Bay has introduced the newest addition to its weekly summer events: Bubble Hour!