You would be hard-pressed to find a more romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day than here in the Cayman Islands. From our beautiful beaches to our stunning sunsets, vacationing in the Cayman Islands could be considered the definition of romance. If you are lucky enough to find you and your loved one here on February 14th, we have a few suggestions on how to spend the day.

Imagine: several members of the Tennis Hall of Fame, Grand Slam Champions and former World #1s coming together for one night of exhibition entertainment. 

A Plantana Tradition: Caymankindness Celebrated on Cayman’s National Heroes Day

The people of the Cayman Islands have welcomed thousands of tourists to our shores each year for more than five decades, and the young and seasoned proudly don the Caymankind badge of honor. A defining feature of the culture, it has earned us the title of ‘friendliest destinations in the world’ by many visitors. 

When we go on vacation, we all try to escape the normal routine of day to day life. However, one thing that most of us won’t be able to escape is our craving for a little afternoon pick me up.

In January, Cayman has two amazing events for foodies. Both the Cayman Cookout and the Taste of Cayman Food and Wine Festival offer an opportunity to experience some of the best food in the world amidst beautiful surroundings and a truly relaxed atmosphere.

With temperatures dipping below freezing in many parts of the northern hemisphere, now is the perfect time to pack up your bags and escape Jack Frost 

Grand Cayman experienced it’s first ‘cold front’ of the winter season this past weekend. 

January is the month of new. New goals, new opportunities and, if you are in Grand Cayman, the chance to try new cuisine as this month brings about two of the biggest culinary celebrations that Cayman has to offer. 

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017!

Christmas means different things to many people but for mostly everyone, it’s a time to take a break from the day to day stress, reconnect with family and participate in age old traditions. 

December has finally arrived, bringing with it all the holiday cheer that we expect from this time of the year. But if this is your first time spending Christmas in the Cayman Islands,

A full day by the sea is one of the best ways to spend a vacation and here at Plantana we have one of the best beaches in the world to spend that day on. 

With so many of our guests celebrating American Thanksgiving today, we couldn’t help but take a moment to think about what we are most grateful for here at Plantana.

Here at Plantana, we have recently had the pleasure of simultaneously welcoming and bidding farewell to some new and exciting guests to our quiet stretch of Seven Mile Beach.

Whilst up north, the word ‘fall’ conjures up an image of falling leaves, shorter days and pumpkin-spiced lattes, here at Plantana, things look a little different.

For many, the end of summer presents the perfect opportunity for a bit of a home maintenance and here at Plantana it is no different. We work hard to keep the property beautiful and the condos comfortable and fresh.

Although fall may be considered a quieter season in Cayman, that certainly doesn’t mean that the events and cultural celebrations slow down too. There’s much to do and plenty of special events to enjoy during the last few months of 2016.

In Cayman, the month of October goes by a different name: Restaurant Month. With special fixed menu prices at a multitude of restaurants around the island, this is the perfect time to go on a culinary tour. Luckily for our Plantana guests,

Fall is here, bringing along with it days and nights tucked away inside trying to escape the cold weather. Luckily, summer weather is here to stay in the Cayman Islands’

As tempting as it would be to spend your entire vacation on Plantana’s beautiful slice of Seven Mile Beach, it is worth setting aside a day to visit the East End of the island to enjoy the many amazing and unique spots that are hidden away there.