Some of the best memories are made at summer camps, where kids experience engaging, new learning environments and make lifelong friendships.  Cayman has a variety of camps to suit all interests and ages and organizers are always happy to include young visitors to the islands.  Camps are held throughout the summer months and cater to various budgets, so there is potential for limitless fun and adventure while you visit Cayman.

We love seeing our Plantana Family have all their talents recognized and we couldn’t be more proud of our Guest Services Manager, Rita Estevanovich. 

As tempting as it would be to spend your entire vacation on the perfection that is Seven Mile Beach at Plantana, it is worth setting aside a road trip day to North Side to taste fresh local dishes and even food from afar, discover unique hot spots and admire the stunning, natural beauty of the district.

While the Cayman Islands may not experience extreme seasonal changes in winter, spring, summer and autumn, we still have many different seasons that we get excited about and enjoy throughout the year.

Plantana stands out in many ways, especially when you pause to take in the lush, green spaces filled with flowering plants, majestic palms and fruiting trees topped off by the view of glorious Seven Mile Beach.

From beautiful lush greenery to white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding the Islands, Cayman’s natural beauty has inspired generations of storytellers. One event aims to capture the modernization of this art form through film and share it with locals and visitors alike. 

Throughout the year, there is always some sort of sporting event happening in Cayman. However, with June signaling the start of the hottest time of year for the Islands, water-based sports offer the perfect opportunity to compete and beat the heat at the same time.

If you want to truly live like a local when staying in Cayman, Sunday brunch is a must.  Not only is it an amazing opportunity to sample the wide variety of the culinary delights available on Island but it also the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends.  And for those lucky enough to be staying at Plantana, you will be right in the heart of Cayman’s brunch scene.

The recent rain showers have ushered in a time-honored Caymanian tradition – crabbing! We don’t mean catching the tiny little crabs you see burrowing under the sand on Plantana’s stretch of Seven Mile Beach. We mean their much larger and bigger-clawed cousins locals catch to make a tasty island meal.



There are times when you take a vacation but the weather just doesn’t cooperate, and you’re left wondering, “What now?”  Guests at Plantana are currently experiencing intermittent showers caused by Subtropical Storm Alberto that is now affecting the southern U.S, however, that has not kept them from making the most of their stay.  

Carnival season in Cayman is in full swing and the next big festival, CayMas, is just around the corner.  The best part is, CayMas is easily accessible from Plantana Condos so you can choose to jump in and dance to the Caribbean beats or relax and spectate as the masqueraders put themselves on display.

Get ready for your kids to experience the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean this summer at Plantana.

Vacations are all about taking a break from the daily grind and one great way to forget about your worries while vacationing is to sweat the stress away. In the Cayman Islands, we make the most of our beautiful paradise by taking our workouts outside.  Staying at Plantana will give you great options for staying fit in a gorgeous setting.

Get ready to dance along the streets with the national Cayman Carnival, Batabano!  Whether you head downtown at the start of the action, or jump and wave once the festivities arrive right along the road in front of the Plantana property – don’t miss your chance to revel and celebrate!

While it might be tempting to spend your whole vacation on Plantana’s private slice of Seven Mile Beach, there are some amazing things to see on the Eastern Side of Grand Cayman.

The Queen Elizabeth Botanic Parkis one attraction that is worth the scenic 40 minute drive to the tranquil district of North Side.

The Cayman Islands has attracted a diverse mix of people from near and far, each of whom has brought a taste of their culinary cultural heritage with them.  It’s no wonder that we have metamorphosed from ‘the Islands time forgot’ to ‘the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’ practically overnight.  Cayman’s melting pot of nationalities and cultures is whole-heartedly reflected in the food available throughout the country.

The Easter holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends. Plantana’s beautiful, serene, private slice of Seven Mile Beach is the perfect spot to do so. 

Cayman is also host to numerous events and celebrations during Easter, all sure to keep you and your loved ones fully entertained. 

For most of us, the only time we get to see the beauty of Cayman from above is when we are descending on to the airport runaway which is a unique view of the beauty of the island. 

Stingray City is one of the most well-known attractions and unique charms of our beautiful islands.  So why exactly should you add it to your bucket list?

Just outside your doorstep at Plantana the beautiful Caribbean Sea that surrounds our picturesque island consistently beckons both visitors and locals to discover the amazing landscapes that hide within its crystal clear waters.